What is DegenMaxi (DMAX)?

DegenMaxi (DMAX)
3 min readApr 24, 2022

DegenMaxi (DMAX) is the ultimate deflationary and reflection token on smartBCH that rewards you with CST daily just for holding the token in your wallet…

The project was launched on March 15, 2022, which means we’re still extremely young and just about to take off.

If you want to degen right away, you can buy DMAX on BenSwap, and monitor the charts, price, and liquidity on Dexscreener and Marketcap.

However, I suggest you continue reading to learn the specifics of the project, how it works, and how to maximize your gains.

DegenMaxi (DMAX) tokenomics

DMAX started with a total supply of 23,674,000,000. However, 98% of the supply has been burned to drop the supply to 500,000,000.

Thus the current total supply of DMAX is 500 million.

The team has no allocations, and all 500 million tokens would be used to reward liquidity providers, facilitate community growth, or BURNED!

DMAX tokenomics is designed to put tight control on inflation, maximize burn, and handsomely reward long term holders and liquidity providers.

Basic features of DMAX

Below is a summary of the basic features and tax structure of DMAX.

  • DMAX holders (💎) will receive CST as a dividend automatically with every sell transaction.
  • There’s a transaction tax of 13% for selling DMAX, but there’s no tax for buying.
  • 7% of the tax is used to automatically buy CST to be distributed among DMAX holders proportionally to their share of the circulating supply.
  • 3% goes to the team, marketing, and referral program.
  • 2% is automatically added back to liquidity.
  • 1% is burned forever.
  • You need to hold a minimum of 50,000 DMAX to be eligible to receive the CST reflections and you must buy the 50,000 DMAX or more in a single transaction.

Ok! with that out of the way, let’s check out the farming opportunities with DMAX.

Current farming opportunities with DMAX

You can put your DMAX tokens to work and grow your portfolio accordingly.

Below are the currently available yield farming opportunities with DegenMaxi (DMAX) that you can take advantage of to grow your money.

Other farms are being worked on to give you many ways to put your DMAX token to work and grow your bag accordingly.

This is one token you should be accumulating every day and why

The 3 best ways to invest in DMAX

The 2 best ways to invest in DMAX are:

  • Buy a minimum of 50,000 DMAX and HODL in your wallet to receive daily CST reflections (true passive income).
  • Provide liquidity and stake your DMAX-WBCH LP token on BenSwap to earn more DMAX with a base APR of 300%.
  • Then you can sell your CST reflections and DMAX staking rewards to BCH or flexUSD as a profit-taking strategy or HODL them.

PS: This is just a suggestion and not financial advice. You can do whatever you want with your tokens, and you alone are responsible for your financial decisions.


DegenMaxi (DMAX) is the absolute best deflationary and reflection token on smartBCH.

The team is fully doxxed and KYCed, so the possibility of a rug pull is absolutely non-existent. Plus we’re deeply committed to making DMAX one of the best and most profitable reflection tokens in the crypto space.

Join us

We GROW together! Join us and be a part of our success story.

CA: 0x138c0F41DfAc5783D20b4672A7511003C18d11AF

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DegenMaxi (DMAX)

DegenMaxi (DMAX) is the ultimate deflationary and reflection token on smartBCH.